We help you in moving and relocation your household goods and industrial goods. At AA movers packers offer high quality and efficient removal services globally. We ship around the world. Therefore if you are looking in for safe shipping of your things from UAE to another foreign land, think no name but AA. With us, you don’t have to deal with any additional issues with customs or shipping charges, export documents etc. We handle everything for you seamlessly.

Reasons To Choose Us:

We Make Sure You Get Customs Clearance On Time Without Any Hassles

With international moving comes documents procedure, customs clearance etc. It could be time-consuming if you had to outsource such elements or do it by yourself. Relocating to an international location can be tough as it requires complete documentation and many waiting hours. All this issues and problems are handled by our personnel. But at AA we make your international moving a child’s play by providing services towards shipping, export packing and documentation, abiding by the local rules of the destination etc. You can travel tension-free while we deliver your goods to your international destination on time.

We Provide Moving Services For All The Means Of Transport

We offer airport to airport moving service, the seaport to seaport moving services and all the packing and shipping requirements needed for international moving. We cater our international moving services throughout the globe. So if you wish the goods to be transported by air or water, we do it readily for you. We know the system, and we have the resources.

We Are Affordable

We offer international moving services and much more at an unbeatable cost at AA movers packers. We guarantee that what we quote is reasonable to that of every pocket. We believe in providing exceptional service.

We Provide Comprehensive Insurance Cover

God forbid, should there be any human-made disaster or a natural calamity, we make sure your goods are covered by comprehensive insurance. We opt for the best cover so that in time of need you get the maximum coverage.

We Have Trained The Work Force

Our team of experts is experienced and qualified. They are hired after rigorous interview sessions and after checking the backgrounds. Hence we assure that your goods are in the best hands. Our specially trained teams are capable of handling the logistics and successfully move your home or office to a foreign land. Therefore, whether it is dismantling a wall cabinet or disassembling a desktop, we have different teams who work on the specification of the work profile to handle it. We keep track of your belongings to help you know about every move.
Therefore, if you are relocating to a foreign land and stressed that your family wouldn’t be able to manage all alone to do the packing, worry no more. For all your international moving needs, call us. You can reach us for a free quote. We assure you, you will never regret this decision of hiring us.